Antulang Resort is a quiet, secluded place so it is perfect for resting and lazing about. If you want something else to do though, what are your choices while at the resort?

They have a small game room where your family can play darts, billiards, and table tennis although for table tennis, they do not have a real table tennis table but an improvised one.

You can enjoy the pools. They have a children’s wading pool, an infinity pool, and even a diver’s pool. For the regular pools (we did not try the diving pool), the water is warm and nice but it is saltwater so it is quite painful on the eyes even with goggles. There are mini falls in certain areas of the pool and if you sit right underneath them, it can feel like someone is giving you a massage.

From our room, to get to the beach or the sea, it would take a few minutes’ walk. The sand or the beach is not good for hanging around or swimming though (or even playing in the sand for kids) since the place or the shore is rocky. Even walking around can be a challenge. Given that, we only checked out the area on the day that we were about to leave and didn’t really do much there. The wind was strong and nice though.

Antulang Resort does not have a spa but massage services are available. You just need to make an appointment with the front desk. Prices are reasonable (e.g. P500 for a one hour massage) and you can have this in the comfort of your own room.

Finally, the resort can arrange tours and trips for you so you can go around Dumaguete City and see the various sights. In our coming blogposts, we will feature the various places we visited so do stay tuned in the coming days and weeks.

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