There is only one place where you can dine at Antulang Beach Resort and this is at the Sandbar Restaurant. There were hardly any vegetable dishes on the menu and during some meals, the service was kind of slow.

For a group of four, sometimes, they would just give you one menu. If you ask for more menus, it will take some time for them to look for one. Somehow, I got the feeling that not a lot of people go there to eat.

For a typical meal for a group of four, expect to pay about P1,700 to P1,800. The usual resort package comes with breakfast but be forewarned that even if the set-up is buffet style, it is not really a full-blown buffet as you know it. There will really be just two viands and fried egg, rice, fruits and juice.

During the time that we were there, the resort felt like it was severely undermanned for breakfast. We had to call and ask directly for things we needed and no one offered us anything voluntarily. It also felt like the staff did not want to talk to us. At some point, I had to go directly to the kitchen to follow up on our juice and as I talked to someone, that someone continued to go about her duties — like putting rice in a serving dish or just mumbling: “Sasabihin ko…”

Our breakfast consisted of sausage, danggit, watermelon, and banana.

Since the resort is far away from the city proper, we had to eat several times there. Here is a listing of the food we remember eating and our brief comments on them:

Southern fried chicken: dry and overcooked
Lechon kawali: would have been better with lechon sauce
Chicken corn soup: very tasty; right consistency and warmth; enough corn and chicken bits. Even if they say that this soup is good for one person, it is actually good for two.
Lomi: lots of toppings, a little spicy
Chips with salsa: We expected this to be made of nacho but it was really corn chips
Shanghai fried rice: can be eaten on its own
Shrimp tempura: not what we expected but it was okay. The batter/coating was not that thick and it was tasty and crunchy
Shrimp pasta and gambas: forgettable
Icebox cake: super sweet but my daughter liked this!
chicken asparagus soup: very clean taste
pancit canton: salty and dry
baki mi: very good, don’t know how to describe it
crispy squid: not oily, tender

One other thing that was not too good about the restaurant there was that my kids kept trying to order brownie a la mode but they never had it. I mean, we stayed for four days and three nights and when you have two kids regularly trying to order an item, the least that could be done was to try and have it ready the next day, right? Well, they never got to taste it.

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