Villa Escudero is about a two-hour drive away from Metro Manila in the Philippines. It is located in San Pablo City. Some websites state that it is located in Laguna — some others say, Quezon, but the official website itself is silent and just states San Pablo City.


For a different family outing or vacation or company planning or team building session, you may want to check out Rock Point Hotel Spa and Conference Center located at the Maria Makiling Hot Springs Village in Pansol, Laguna, Philippines.


Caliraya Re-creation Center is located in Lumban, Laguna, Philippines. Its marketing materials position it as a “Christian resort,” with a no-smoking, no alcoholic drinks policy. All religious groups, however, are welcome.


If you’re interested in shooting the rapids or having your banca carried by boatmen over treacherous bends in the river, visit Pansanjan Falls in Laguna.

In Annalyn Jusay’s Pagsanjan: lovelier the second time around, you’ll catch some of the many faces of Pagsanjan. Be sure to try Aling Taleng’s Halo-halo, a sweet and cold dessert to keep you cool during the summer.

Ajay reached Pagsanjan via the Star Tollway route, although if you’re in the eastern portion of Manila, you can try reaching Pagsanjan via the Antipolo – Tanay – Siniloan route.