Welcome to LipadNa.com, a site which talks about travel to our beloved country, the Philippines. The Philippines is such a beautiful place and the diversity in the types of sites that you can visit is just amazing. There are wonderful beaches, places rich in culture and history, spots for more adventurous folks.

This site will contain information about places which you might consider visiting for your next vacation. We may not have personally visited all of the places mentioned here but we will surely share with you valuable information and we welcome readers to tell us about their good experiences. (We prefer to hear about the good things. If nothing good is being said about a particular place then that should be a clue in itself.) This site will actually contain our wish list of places that we would like to visit in our lifetime and at this point, we know we really want to live long.

LipadNa is a Filipino phrase or command which means “start flying” or “go fly.” So what are you waiting for? Come fly to the Philippines or come fly around the Philippines. This is a country which will lift your spirits like no other given its sheer beauty and its warm people. Travel around the Philippines and you will realize just how blessed we are. This country is meant to soar!

LipadNa.com Contributing Writers
Angelica Viloria
Manuel Viloria

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