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  1. Katrina R. Garcia Says:

    Can you give me contact where can I arrange my stay at Panglao. We plan to go there this summer.

    Thanks and regards,

    Hi Katz,

    You may contact the Bohol office of Panglao Island Nature Resort at 038 4115982. The Manila office can be reached at 724-1051 or 52 but they only will be able to give you the rates. They still need to coordinate with the Bohol office for room availability, etc. so it is best to go straight to the Bohol office. I also coordinated with Jen Jala directly of Panglao Resort and she can be reached at cellphone number +63920 9520133. You can also try booking by filling up their online reservation page found at http://www.panglaoisland.com

    Hope that helps.

  2. auee Says:

    hi angel,

    Saw your post from Lampin. Okay na okay na site ito. It makes me want to go home sooner!



    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for dropping by. How are you? Uwi ka na. =)

  3. Joed Says:

    Hi Ms. Angel! Your site is really cool! I have always wanted to make a site with all the places we have been but more on the backpackers side of accommodations (low costs). This is really great! Traveling gives euphoria to me and my hubby and i enjoy it most and consider it as our bonding time. i hope when our baby arrives (im 18 weeks preggy now), we can continue with our nature trips.

    Hi Joed. Thanks for your comment. Great to hear that you also like traveling. Let me know when you have a travel site up. Have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. Angel

  4. rixine Says:

    how much is ur accomodation 4 3 days only??

    From Angel: Hi Rixine. You may e-mail them at metroctr@mozcom.com although based on our experience, sometimes, the e-mail of some Bohol establishments go on the blink. You can also visit their site: http://www.panglaoisland.com and fill up the form there directly to inquire.

  5. olive zoleta Says:

    hi angel,
    Can you help me in finding conference venue with items below. preferably 1 hour travel from manila

    2 Double
    2 Twin
    4 triple

    Conference Room
    Big enough to hold 25 persons – secure list of equipment they provide and if there are additional charges. Use on
    Dec 6 – 10:00 am to 6:00 p.m.
    Dec. 7 – whole day
    Dec. 8 – morning only
    Get conf package if available

    Secure also
    food options
    Ammenities – those that are free and if with extra charge, the rates

    (Contact information removed by site admin due to privacy issues.)

    Many thanks

    From Angel: Hi Olive. I do not work directly with any of the resorts which we feature here so may I suggest that you look at the resorts listed under the following categories and get in touch with them directly: Antipolo, Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, Subic, and Tagaytay. Most of these places, though, will probably take about 2 hours or more travel time from Manila, with traffic. The individual websites are listed for each resort entry so you can see how to contact the resorts and inquire from them about your requirements directly. Thanks.

  6. luisa manasan Says:

    I intend to visit amorita resorts, i tried to visit their site but it shows room rates. Can u help me inquire if they have any promo going on?

    From Angel: Hi Luisa. You may visit the website of amorita. There is a link from our feature on them. They have an e-mail address in their website and you can inquire directly from them.

  7. camille Says:

    How do we get listed in your website? thanks!

    From LipadNa: I will check out your site and see whether we can add your place to our featured resorts.

  8. Inn Keeper Says:


    We have recently updated our website. http://www.pensionivatan.com is now http://www.batanesislands.net.

    Your banner link has been posted in our front page. Please change ours in your site as well.

    For more information, please contact:

    Madz Siazon – General Manager
    Mobile: + 63 919 3662158
    E-Mail: info@batanesislands.net
    Brgy. Kay Valuganan
    Basco, Batanes
    3900 Philippines

    Thank you.

    The InnKeeper
    Brandon’s Lodging

    From LipadNa: How come the Pension Ivatan appears to still be up? Anyway, your information is also posted here in the comment so people can also get in touch with you.

  9. auee Says:

    I knew babalik ako dito that’s why I kept it in my delicious

    May tanong po ako Angel… Which is more cost effective – Cebu or Bohol?

    By hook or by crook, uuwi na talaga kami this coming Easter. Since tiga-Leyte si hubby we’re planning a beach-holiday for our parents.

    From LipadNa: Hi Auee! It’s been some time since we traveled to Bohol so am not sure about cost effectiveness. I think there will be more to do in Bohol and I like the place better. Hope that helped.

  10. marie Says:

    hi!.. gud pm. my friends and i are looking for a resort located in bulacan. my friends suggested sitio lucia. can u give me their contact number?..

    Thanks so much!

  11. Mrs. St. John Says:

    My family & I would like to go to a beach resort near Batangas in Dec. We would need something to accom 20 pp. Dec 28 to Dec 30 or Jan 1 to Jan 4.

  12. oliver Says:

    san poh aq directang makapag inquire bout sa overnight

  13. Jimmy Palacios Says:

    We are interested to increase traffic to your website , please get back to us in order to discuss the poaaiblity in further detail.

  14. Pearl Quion Says:

    I was also wondering if you have a scuba diving class there in Tagaytay and a place where I can rent equipment for scuba diving ? What is the cost for the equipment rentals, the class,and the transportation to go diving ? Can you tell me when it is scheduled ?

  15. jackie Says:

    i would like to ask kung me extra rooms pa sa sitio lucia , that is for 6 adults & 2 kids for booking on april 21 to 23 pls. reply. thanks

  16. jackie Says:

    i would like to ask if there are still available rooms for april 21 to 23, for 6 adults & 2 kids.

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