As we come to the end of our Ilocos Norte trip series, aside from the things that we have mentioned in the past, I’d like to make some additional comments about what we liked and what areas or aspects may be improved at Playa Tropical Resort Hotel in Ilocos Norte. In terms of what we liked, the staff members of the resort were really all so warm, friendly, and efficient.

The food was okay and affordable and the package price for our whole stay was truly reasonable. From transfers, to breakfast, to accommodations, as I computed, I was really thinking whether the resort would turn out fine given the price that I was paying for everything and thankfully, it did turn out well.

I also liked that they were prepared with a first aid kit. My daughter fell during our stay there and got some wounds and bruises. Toni and her staff quickly responded and although her fall was not very serious, it was comforting to know that they were ready and that I didn’t have to bring our own antiseptic or band-aid or what have you although I really should in hindsight.

As for the areas for improvement, nothing major except perhaps to improve on the consistency of the quality of the food (to make sure that a certain dish is good every time) and to make inventory management more efficient. Several times, we ordered food on the menu which were not available because they were out of stock (like buco juice or tocino) and some of these items were really very basic like a chocolate drink for my daughter. I’d also suggest more pillows in the bedrooms and if possible, to provide drawers/cabinets which guests can use. If I remember correctly, in the room in which we stayed, there were hardly any drawers.

So, that ends our Ilocos Norte trip series, except for the photos. Do drop by in the next few weeks as we try to share our photos with you. As for the next family vacation, we’ll see where we will be in 2010. I should start planning by late this year. Any suggestions?

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