Villa Escudero is about a two-hour drive away from Metro Manila in the Philippines. It is located in San Pablo City. Some websites state that it is located in Laguna — some others say, Quezon, but the official website itself is silent and just states San Pablo City.

I remember enjoying Villa Escudero as a child and even as an adult. I have memories of riding a carriage/cart pulled by a carabao; enjoying cultural shows featuring Filipino songs and dances with performers wearing very colorful and attractive costumes; going through the museum and appreciating all the antiques and “santos” there; having lunch near Labasin falls — where you enjoy a sumptuous lunch while your feet are soaked in cold water.

All of these you can still enjoy at Villa Escudero today. You can still go on a day trip or day tour where you can enjoy all of the above in addition to going rafting at Lake Labasin, as well as enjoying several swimming pools (2 adult and 2 kiddie).

Villa Escudero now also offers overnight accommodations so guests can stay longer, rest, and enjoy the place which highlights Philippine culture and history.

For the day tour, the rate would be P545 for children below 4 feet and P1,100 for adults. For overnight stays, the maximum rate would be about P3,290 to P9,170 per night, depending on the type of accommodation. There are three types of accommodation available: riverside cottages; Long House Garden Units; and Long House Garden Suites. The rates per night include 3 meals and children below 4 feet are charged half the adult rate.

By the way, only kids aged 8 and above are allowed inside the museum.

For more details on the resort, you can visit their website at