Puerto Nirvana Resort is located in Sitio Hondura, Poblacion, Puerto Galera, Philippines. It is located 3 hours from Metro Manila and offers proximity to dive sites, waterfalls, snorkeling sites, and beaches. The word nirvana means “total bliss.”

To get to Puerto Galera, you will need to travel for two hours by land and then take a one-hour ferry ride from the Batangas pier. Upon reaching Puerto Galera, the resort’s shuttle will take you from the pier to the resort.

There are 7 types of room accommodations to choose from. Rooms, depending on the type, can house anywhere from 2 to 10 people. The rates per room per night range from P2,700 to P5,400. The more expensive rooms already come with breakfast.

While at the resort, guests can enjoy the food offered by the resort’s restaurant and bar. Guests can also use the infinity pool, seminar rooms, and various sports facilities. You can even play paintball games!

The resort also offers various eco-tours, with certain destinations accessible via a hanging bridge and carabao rides.

To learn more about the resort, you can visit www.puertonirvana.com