Bohol is about an hour-and-a-half away from Manila by plane. Its capital is Tagbilaran and is located in the Visayas. It is fast becoming a favorite destination among local tourists and foreigners and with good reason.

What can one do when in Bohol? It would be good to go on a tour of the famous landmarks in Bohol. You can go visit the following: Blood Compact site; historical churches like: Baclayon, Dauis, and Loboc; the Chocolate Hills (it is amazing how many such hills appeared all in one place); take the Loboc River Cruise; visit the home of former President Carlos P. Garcia which is now mini-museum; see the tarsiers too. We visited Bohol in 2004 and there are still a few things which we have not been able to do or places which we have not yet been to. There’s the Bohol Bee Farm, Miravilla Seafood Restaurant, Hinagdanan Cave, whale and dolphin-watching in Pamilacan Island. We’ll do those things soon and share with you our experiences subsequently.

For details on what we did in Bohol in 2004, please visit our Bohol website.