I have always wanted to visit Batanes and will probably do so when either the kids are bigger (so they will appreciate the place) or when I get away on my own. Batanes is located at the Philippines’ northernmost territory and is a place visited often by our typhoons. It is composed of 11 islands scattered in the Bashi Channel.

Batanes is a place of stunning views and honest people. =) While there, you can enjoy the scenery of blue waters and rolling green hills. You can take various excursions with your guides to take in the beauty of the place. Batanes is now nominated to be part of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. It is a location where we can appreciate nature and culture.

You can fly Asian Spirit to Basco, Batanes, 4 times a week. The flight will take 2 hours one-way. (Note: As of May 8, 2009, we have been informed that the Pension Ivatan website no longer exists. This post, however, will be maintained here for historical/documentation purposes. Please check our other Batanes post for Brandon’s.) While in Basco, Batanes, you can consider staying at Pension Ivatan. Pension Ivatan offers 11 rooms, all with its own toilet and bath, television, and aircon. Room rates vary from P980 to P2,500 per night, depending on the kind of room that you choose. It is recommended that you book a room at the View Deck where you can enjoy the beautiful views.

Room rates are inclusive of breakfast for 2 and airport transfers. You may book a room at Pension Ivatan by contacting Mariechris Villegas at +63 928 424 9171. You can also visit their website at www.pensionivatan.com