Have read much about this place either in society columns in the local newspapers or when it is featured in magazines. It seems that this is one of the more popular, newer places in Boracay today.

Nami Resort is located on a cliff above Diniwid Beach in Boracay. Given its location, it is said to be more private and exclusive. All rooms have a jacuzzi (wow — my 9-year old will be happy!) and room rates range from USD 110-300 a night, depending on whether it is peak or low season, and of course, depending on the type of room that you choose.

It also boasts of a butler system where a butler is assigned to you during your stay to take care of your needs. I’ve stayed in some resorts/hotels (e.g. Plantation Bay in Cebu, Philippines, Pan Pacific Hotel, in Bangkok, I think) where you are assigned a butler and it does make things more efficient. Of course it all depends on whether the person assigned to you is efficient.

Am also quite interested in their spa services. Preview Magazine, in its March 2006 issue, did a comparison of 3 of Nami Resort’s spa treatments. They highly recommend the Hot Stone Massage at Nami, giving it a rating of 5 out of 5, the highest of the 3 treatments evaluated.

So, when my family does get to go back to Boracay, we shall check out Nami Resort. For more details on what they can offer you, please visit their website at www.namiboracay.com