Here’s yet another resort in Cebu which we will probably want to visit in the coming years: Badian Island Resort and Spa. The resort appears attractive, as we see from its website or as we read in feature articles, but the distance (ranging from 2 hours and half to 2 hours and 45 minutes) from the Cebu International Airport keeps us from visiting it while our kids are quite small.

The resort offers a beach, a spa, and various amenities. As in Pulchra, the suites are roomy (a little over 60-80 square meters per) and as a result, the rates are also on the high side. Per person, per room, per night rate ranges from USD 81 to USD 196. You should also note that certain suites will require 2-3 paying guests in the room per night. The resort charges quite heftily for transfers. They also have an all-inclusive package which is a little over USD 200 a night per person.

There are several excursions available to guests. These include: trips to Kawasan Falls; Glass Bottom Boat Tours; a picnic at the Coral Garden, among others.

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