This is one resort in Cebu that we have not yet been to. It is on our “to-go-to” list although I guess we will have to save a lot before visiting the place becomes a reality. I just checked their website awhile ago, and the rates now range from USD 300 to about USD 900 per night! Yes, that expensive. So at the back of my mind, even if the place does seem beautiful, you think that you could have gone on 3 trips with that one trip at Pulchra.

The word Pulchra comes from the Latin word that means beautiful. It is located farther off from Mactan Airport. My readings put distance from the airport from about 45 minutes to one hour and a half. The resort is located in San Fernando, Cebu.

The villas there are large — the smallest is about 61 square meters they say, bigger than a two-bedroom condo for some. I guess that’s why the nightly rate is so expensive. There are 4 types of accommodations and of the 4, 3 have their own private pool. So in addition to the resort pool that is open to all, your family can swim in the privacy of your own pool throughout your stay in Pulchra.

There is likewise a beach but my research says the beach is not too pretty. The resort has a good base of Japanese clients — even their website has a Japanese version.

To learn more about the resort and to see if it is worth your while and that amount of money, you can visit: