Pearl Farm Beach Resort is located in Samal Island. You can reach the place by taking a boat from the Waterfront Insular Hotel. There are various guest rooms, suites, cottages, and villas, offering different views, are of different sizes, with the price per night ranging from a low of USD 110 to a high of USD 670 (rates as of May 2006). The resort regularly offers packages to local residents and tourists, so it is best to get in touch with them to inquire about lower rates and special offers.

The resort offers various water sports facilities; has the Ylang Ylang Spa; and guests can enjoy a pool with jacuzzi, beach with white sand, as well as a game room.

I have received varied feedback from people I know who have stayed there previously. One said it is quite pricey and there is not much to do there. Two have said that the place is beautiful and that it was good to visit it. We’d be interested to hear from you about your Pearl Farm experience. Please send us your comments so we can help our readers make informed vacation decisions.

If it is any comfort to prospective visitors, the Pearl Farm was also a previous target of some members of the Abu Sayyaf group years ago (even before the Dos Palmas incident) and resort security personnel successfully repulsed the attacking bandits. The incident was picked up by the major newspapers and as for Dos Palmas, we all know what happened there.

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