The first time we went to Boracay for our honeymoon way back in 1995, we stayed at Lorenzo South. Lorenzo South is located on one end of the long stretch of beach, near Boat Station 3.

Lorenzo South is part of a group of resorts in Boracay which include Lorenzo Main and now, Lorenzo Grand Villa. Guests staying in any of the resorts which are part of the Lorenzo Group, if I remember correctly, can use the facilities of the other resorts. Lorenzo South, itself, does not have a swimming pool but there is a pool in Lorenzo Main and in Lorenzo Grand Villa.

The cottages in Lorenzo South are quite roomy and very native in design. They are not picture-pretty but everything works.

The beachfront in the resort was pretty quiet, as I remember, with no vendors bothering you. it was quite secluded. It’s quite far, though, from the eateries in the middle part of the long stretch of the beach but there’s always a tricycle. =)

There’s only one restaurant. the Cafe Lorenzo. I remember the heavy breakfasts we use to have there — complete with Swiss Miss (with marshmallows) and very sweet mangoes.

If you want to find out more about the Lorenzo Resorts, you can visit their website at: